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Thank you for visiting our café. We take our time here, and wish you to do the same. While we are making your meal, relax, have a drink, read something, play something, talk to someone… enjoy the music. We have a very small kitchen and staff, and are dedicated to delivering the freshest meals we can. With very few exceptions, we make all of the food in this menu right here, using the freshest ingredients, seasonal and locally sourced if possible. When we turn to packaged foods, we do our best to source responsible, reliable, and ethical brands. Our goal is to provide meals that are familiar, identifiable, creative but not challenging, and overall, consistent. Eat with your hands. Lick your plate. Lick someone else’s plate. Enjoy yourself.

Why The Bicycle?

The bicycle is a tribute to playing cards, and the vehicle alike. They both represent the coming together of simple elements to create something greater than the sum of their parts. Playing cards have kept soldiers alive in the trenches, transferred unspeakable wealth, instilled fundamental mathematics in young minds, and, like laughter, served as a common language everywhere humans have lived or travelled. Bicycles have liberated women, enabled families to eat, launched great men and women of industry, delivered books and medicine, pumped water, generated light, connected communities and all through the power of muscle fueled by determination. All fine examples of who we humans are and how little we need to be. Simple is always better.


 We subscribe to this rule at The Bicycle and hope you will too. This is a tribute to the late great Adam Yauch (MCA of Beastie Boys fame), which emphasizes the enjoyment of your meal above all else, and acknowledges the output limitations of our small kitchen. Coined by chef and friend of the Yauch family, Gene Futterman, the rule is simple: 

“When two are served, you eat”

 Noted by Nathan Brackett in Grand Royal: "The elegance of Futterman's Rule does lend it a hint of spirituality. One eats one's food while it is hot, observing dinner as a natural continuum (instead of the top-down, "no-one-eats-until-the-chef-is-ready" hierarchical model that dominates most households). At the same time, no one eats alone (it is only once two people are served, and a social base is established for those with food, that one may begin to eat). If form follows function, the Rule is built to travel. So give it a try. And if you like it, tell a friend."